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I started renovating my first home before I was 21 with an FHA Rehab loan. I quickly developed a passion in educating other buyers not just on their purchase but how to maintain and improve their homes after the purchase.
I have been buying, selling, and inspecting homes where exceeding the listing price is the norm not the exception; where buyers are absurdly advised to wave inspections because of competitive nature of the market; where I am on site doing an inspection and other inspectors are doing superficial “walk and talk” inspections that take an hour; where sellers do not even bother providing a seller’s inspection report because inventory is so tight there will be offers site unseen.

It’s from those experiences I hope to change home inspections one client at a time.

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X-Factor Inspections, LLC is the solution to all your home inspection needs.  Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you regularly relocate, my inspection services will be thorough and educational. I take great pride in providing my clients with easy-to-understand data that they may need to make decisions.  I sit down with my clients at the end of each inspection reviewing the findings live, then deliver a detailed and personalized report that can be used like a user manual for their newly purchased home.  Every inspection is reviewed thoroughly and with the latest technology including thermal imaging. My goal is to establish a lasting relationship so that the next time a client has an inspection need, there is no question on who to trust.

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X-Factor inspections delivers thorough inspections and unmatched ROI for buyers and sellers.